Deals and Discounts for Spring Break 2022

Contrary to the weather in Michigan, Spring Break 2022 is quickly approaching! Prepare for a relaxing beachside week, a week of theme parks or a week at home with family using these exclusive employee discounts from MSU Benefits Plus.

To access all the discounts, visit MSU Benefits Plus and sign up for a free account using your ZPID number (located on your Spartan Card ID badge or on EBS).

Still looking for that perfect rental car or hotel for your trip? Are you headed to Disney World and need a discount on tickets? These are the perfect travel discounts for you:

  • National Car Rental: Use the code XZ20LK4 when booking your car rental for their exclusive Big Ten employee discount.
  • Wyndham Hotel Group: At participating Wyndham locations, book over the phone or online for up to 20% off the “Best Available Rate” with ID number 1000009114.
  • Discounted Walt Disney World vacations for MSU staff, faculty, students and family members are available online with the code msusaves.

Staying at home during break has never sounded so enticing! See a new movie for less or bring your family to their first basketball game with these entertainment discounts:

  • Premium Seats USA: It is the height of the NBA season and there is no better time to check out a game with a 10% discount on tickets! Use the code CORESTREAM on the Premium Seats USA website.
  • AMC Theaters: Book movie tickets online for over 40% off at AMC, AMC Loews, AMC Showplace, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson and Star Theaters.

Whether you are leaving town or staying in, you can try a new restaurant, see a show and more with these bonus flexible discounts:

  • Tickets at Work: Before you travel, book tickets for a show, visit an event and more, check your MSU discounts through Tickets at Work. The site is always being updated with new discounts and exclusives for employees.
  • As a special exclusive deal for MSU employees, pay $6 for $25 in restaurant certificates online using the code CORE.

Find these savings as well as many other benefits by visiting the MSU Benefits Plus portal. Sign up or log in today and have a great Spring Break!

Job of the Week: Clerical Aide

This week’s featured job posting from MSU Human Resources is for a Clerical Aide (posting 764486) through Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Power and Water.

This temporary or on-call position provides clerical support for secretarial, receptionist, bookkeeping and information processing tasks. Current departments seeking temporary assistance include the East Lansing, Detroit and Macomb College of Medicine campuses. Job responsibilities include providing clerical support to the Power and Water Department, customer service, and safety briefings for contractors and guests. The support staff person will also prepare reports, schedule meetings, sort and distribute mail, order supplies, run errands and perform other duties as assigned. For a full list of responsibilities, click here

The desired qualifications for this position are a minimum two years of in-person customer service and basic computer skills. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment. Temporary employees can work for six months then terminate for three months or switch to an on-call role. 

Learn more about MSU IPF at Read more about this position and apply here by March 6 with a resume, cover letter and reason for interest in working at MSU. All the latest job postings can be found at

Job of the Week: Extension Community Nutrition Instructor

This week’s featured job posting from MSU Human Resources is for a Community Nutrition Instructor (posting 7466727) through MSU Extension, Emmet and Charlevoix Counties.

The instructor is responsible for delivering nutrition and physical activity education programs with the support of the MSU Extension Health and Nutrition Institute. Job responsibilities include conducting virtual and in-person programs about critical issues facing a wide variety of audiences, specifically through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. The goals for these programs are defined by grants including but not limited to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) and Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). The position will operate in Emmet and Charlevoix Counties and requires active community participation such as attendance at city meetings and knowledge of the area and its residents. For a full list of responsibilities, click here.

Educational requirements of the position include an associates degree, at least two years of experience in effective program delivery in health-related subject matter, and effective oral and written communication skills. An equivalent combination of education and experience will also be considered. Desired qualifications include experience in managing participants and volunteers, knowledge of classroom management techniques, ability to accept and delegate responsibilities and use of Zoom video conferencing.

Learn more about MSU Extension at Read more about this position and apply with a resume, cover letter and four professional references by March 22 here. All the latest job postings can be found at

Job of the Week: Clinic Coordinator I/S

This week’s featured job posting from MSU Human Resources is for a Clinic Coordinator I/S (posting 762020) in Specialty Services for MSU Health Care.

The Clinic Coordinator will support MSU HCI by maintaining master schedules, attending  quality training and meetings, and organizing clinical activities. Job responsibilities include managing specialized Health Care quality and incentive programs and assisting in the development of staff members for enhanced performance. The individual will also support the curation of current and future training programs. The position requires that health and safety standards are maintained to ensure compliance with University, State and federal rules and regulations. For a full list of responsibilities, click here

Educational requirements of the position include the specialized training acquired in two to three years of college in healthcare, science, or business school. Coursework in a field related to medical or ambulatory clinical experience and one to three years of experience with electronic medical records and other office tasks are also expected. An equivalent combination of education and experience will also be considered. Desired qualifications include outpatient clinic experience in a supervisory role. 

Learn more about MSU Health Care at Read more about this position and apply with a resume and cover letter by February 15 here. All the latest job postings can be found at

Developing a Continuous Learning Mindset

As the climate of rapid change and the nature of our work continues to evolve, our professional goals and expectations are becoming more dynamic and less predictable. Learning new technology and systems is often part of these changes. Although there are many factors over which we have little to no control, we can gain both confidence and competence by taking ownership of our professional development, whether it be related to technology or anything else new and unfamiliar. Choosing to adopt and strengthen a growth mindset is a key factor in understanding and adapting to new technology and can help you expand your existing personal capabilities.

The Growth Mindset

If you happen to be a caregiver for school-age children or have experience in education, you’re likely familiar with the emphasis on a growth mindset for students. The reality is that encouraging a growth, or continuous learning, mindset is just as important for adults. To develop a continuous learning mindset, it’s important to first recognize its characteristics:

  • Skills and intelligence are grown and developed
  • Concern is focused on learning and growing
  • Effort is necessary to learning
  • Mistakes are learning opportunities
  • Challenges are obstacles to be overcome

The Benefits of a Growth Mindset

Research has shown that adopting and utilizing a growth mindset at work leads to higher levels of satisfaction and engagement. When you invest in your own learning, growth and development, you typically become more involved in your work and demonstrate a greater interest in and capacity for innovation and collaboration. This can lead to being viewed favorably by supervisors and leaders and can increase your likelihood of new and expanded career opportunities and advancement.

Those who embrace lifelong learning and bring a growth mindset to their careers are more likely to take on new challenges and are typically better able to cope with disruption and adapt to change — key skills in today’s workplace. These attributes will serve you well, enhancing your career development both now and throughout your learning journey. 

Develop a Growth Mindset at Work

Understanding the components of a mindset dedicated to continuous learning is one thing but taking action and applying this knowledge to your job is critical. This requires steps including:

  • Recognizing and monitoring your own mindset
  • Sharing your mindset
  • Providing feedback for others’ growth
  • Striving for continuous team improvement

Ways to Take Action

One common obstacle to developing a growth mindset and embracing both new technologies and continuous professional development is the feeling of not knowing how — or where — to start. Below are ideas and resources to further your understanding of the growth mindset along with ways you can help ensure your success.


  1. Just anticipating that you’ll enjoy the learning is important. Bring a positive and open mind to any new project and treat everything as a potential learning and development opportunity.
  2. Find the right resources for your learning process. Whether you learn best on the job, through instructor-led classes, or via self-directed learning, discovering and utilizing the resources that work best for you is key.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Overwhelmed by options or feeling discouraged? Reaching out to trusted members of your team and your supervisor can provide support and new insights into ways you can increase your knowledge and continue your professional development.
  4. Share your learning with others. When you share what you’ve learned, it hones your skills in a greater way. This can happen in many different forms, from writing a how-to guide for your team to simply sharing new knowledge in a department meeting.

Recommended Resources

Live, Virtual Courses

MSU IT Training Courses

Process Mapping Series

Ready, Set, Change!

Identify and Maximize Your Strengths

elevateU Learning

Becoming a Continuous Learner (13-minute course)

Developing a Growth Mindset (24-minute course)

Microsoft Office 365 Learning Resources

Tackle Savings, Debt, and More During America Saves Week 2022

America Saves Week is February 21-25, 2022! This week is an annual event that encourages you to learn and plan for increased savings, lower debt, investing, and preparing for retirement. You can do all this using resources provided to employees by the university and our benefits partners. Both of MSU’s retirement partners, Fidelity and TIAA, offer ways to plan during this week. This includes live webinars, courses for financial literacy, and other resources. Through America Saves Week, you have access to planning tools for managing financial emergencies, which can be very useful during these uncertain times. 

Fidelity Resources

Check out online workshops from Fidelity that cover topics including “Ditch your Debt,” “Manage Unexpected Events and Expenses,” and “Invest Confidently for Your Future,” among many other topics throughout the week. All the programs can be attended live by registering here and important information can be viewed on-demand as workshops here. Interested in learning the specifics about Fidelity’s rainy day investment and savings plans? Visit their Netbenefits site. Other tools and calculators provided by Fidelity to their MSU members can be found here

TIAA Resources

If you feel dissatisfied about your current financial situation, TIAA wants to remind you that you are not alone. Read the 2021 TIAA Personal Finance Index and learn that it’s not just you. Some ways you can start to build financial resiliency with TIAA include contributing to your retirement savings, paying down debt, and growing an emergency fund. According to a survey conducted by TIAA, having more in retirement savings is a top contributor to financial resiliency. Visit the EBS portal to learn more about your contribution options. You can also read about financial vulnerability and how to avoid it in this published study, created to help millennials address their finances.

Schedule a Virtual Consultation with Fidelity or TIAA

Both Fidelity and TIAA offer virtual appointments with financial consultants! Be sure to set up an appointment to get your questions answered for no additional cost. Set up your Fidelity consulting appointment here or set up your TIAA consulting appointment here.

For general questions about retirement, contact the HR Solutions Center at or (517) 353-4434 or visit the HR website. For questions about your specific financial plans, contact your vendor. 

MSU Winter Events and Activities Round-Up

Staying warm this winter doesn’t have to mean sitting at home by the fire. Improve your health, be a lifelong learner and go see something new with these winter events and activities! 

Healthy Living

Outdoor Exploration

  • The winter months have much more flora and fauna to explore than you might think, and it is all worth writing about. The W.K. Kellogg Biological Station Bird Sanctuary has Zoom classes that teach you and your family about nature journaling and how to blend art and science! Register for one or all of the four classes in the series here.
  • The City of East Lansing’s longest walking trail is open for the winter! Bundle up and visit the Northern Tier Trail for almost five miles of trail and end your adventure in the Abbott Road Park with a snowball fight or an igloo building contest.


  • The February and March shows at the Abrams Planetarium have been announced and registration is now open. This month, check out Skywatchers of Africa and SkyTellers and next month you can catch Planet Nine: The Search is On and In my Backyard
  • MSU HR is always updating the online resources from Organization and Professional Development, so you can take a course on anything from Communication to Professional Development from the warmth of your own home. Check out the full list of course offerings here.

Performance and Art

  • The Broad Art Museum is open and always free to the public. Make a reservation online and visit to see the new exhibitions for 2022 including a feature by Beverly Fishman for Broad’s 10th Anniversary.
  • The Wharton Center is back and a great place to escape the cold with Broadway shows and incredible live performances including the long-anticipated run of Hamilton between March 29 and April 10, 2022. Buy tickets or view their upcoming shows here.

Along with staying warm this winter, stay safe by following all mask mandates on and around MSU’s campus and get your booster vaccine if you have not yet. Enjoy the winter wonderland, Spartans!

Job of the Week: Office Coordinator I

This week’s featured job posting from MSU Human Resources is for an Office Coordinator I (posting 761144) in the Dean’s Office of the Eli Broad College of Business.

The Office Coordinator will support the Dean’s Office by greeting visitors, providing administrative support and coordinating operations. Job responsibilities include maintaining supplies and equipment, managing the conference room, processing purchase orders and more. The individual will also assist with administrative support for college-level directors through projects, information gathering, calendar management and travel arrangements. The position also includes supervising student workers through hiring, training and managing schedules. For a full list of responsibilities, click here

Educational requirements of the position include two to three years of college, technical school or work experience in a related field. Six months to one year of customer service experience is also expected. An equivalent combination of education and experience will also be considered. Desired qualifications include knowledge of basic personal computer terminology and operations and the ability to use e-mail and the internet.  

Learn more about the Eli Broad College of Business at Read more about this position and apply with a resume and cover letter by February 15 here. All the latest job postings can be found at