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About SourceLive

SourceLive is published by MSU Human Resources with the goal of providing useful, interesting and timely information to faculty and staff at Michigan State University.

SourceLive is based upon the HR Source Newsletter that MSU employees have been receiving since the mid-1970s. SourceLive has been created to allow inclusion of a wider array of information and faster distribution of that information than is possible in the Source newsletter. Employees can choose to visit SourceLive for information, or they can subscribe to all or parts of the site through an RSS feed or an email subscription.

About Commenting

SourceLive is intended to be an interactive publication and MSU Faculty and Staff are invited to comment or ask questions about the stories posted here. Commenters are asked to provide your full name and your MSU NetID email address when posting a comment. This allows us to ensure commenters are actually members of the MSU community.  Names will be published with comments, but email addresses will not.

Please be aware the comments section will be moderated to try to ensure that misinformation or offensive material does not get posted, so there may be a delay from when you submit a comment to when it appears here.  (View our comment moderation criteria here.)

If you wish to give us feedback about SourceLive content or article ideas but do not want to publish a comment, you can email the HR Communications Team your thoughts at HRcommteam@hr.msu.edu.

About MSU Human Resources

MSU Human Resources supports the MSU community with many processes and functions related to hiring, compensation, benefits administration, employment records, training and professional development and organizational development.