Pet Care Options and Employee Discounts on Pet Insurance

Updated April 2023

Pet lovers already know, and the Center for Disease Control confirms, that there are many benefits to caring for pets. Pets increase opportunities for exercise, enjoying the outdoors, and socializing. These health benefits can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. The companionship of pets also makes us less lonely and reduces depression and anxiety. Along with the joy and health benefits our pets bring us, caring for them also comes with responsibility. Make sure you’re aware of all the services and resources available to the MSU community.

Primary Care and Emergency Services with the MSU Veterinary Medical Center

The MSU Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) on campus can provide for all the health care needs of your entire animal family, including cats, dogs, equine, pigs, cows, camelids, sheep, goats, pocket pets, zoo animals, and wildlife. They provide care in 20+ specialty services including cardiology, oncology, primary care, and much more. Find a complete list of VMC services.

The VMC also offers emergency services for your small or large pets. If you have an emergency, you can bring your animal to the VMC at the corner of Bogue and Wilson on the MSU campus. For exotic or pocket pets (non-canine or feline), please call the MSU Small Animal Clinic prior to bringing them in to make sure they can care for your animal. Learn more about VMC emergency services.

The VMC uses the most advanced technology combined with cutting-edge research to provide optimal care for all animals. Similar to specialists in human medicine, veterinarians pursue additional education and certification beyond veterinary school. That training allows the hospital to offer 20+ specialty services with clinicians who supervise and teach our senior veterinary students, interns, residents, and veterinary technology students to fulfill the hospital’s commitment to educating future professionals. 

Exclusive Employee Savings on Pet Insurance

Maintaining optimal health for your pets is a financial investment, and emergency care can be costly. Keep those expenses manageable with MSU employee-preferred pricing from Nationwide pet insurance offered through MSU Benefits Plus. You’ll also receive additional benefits for services such as emergency boarding, lost pet advertising, and more. Visit the MSU Benefits Plus website to learn more and enroll at any time.

For assistance with pet insurance, the MSU Benefits Plus Customer Care Team is available to answer questions and help you enroll in new plans or make changes at 888-758-7575.


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