University Launches More Inclusive Hiring Process for Temporary Employees

MSU recently launched a new process for hiring temporary and on-call positions at the University. The new process requires the public posting of temporary positions to ensure all interested individuals have an equal opportunity to be aware of and compete for this type of employment at MSU. While other types of regular positions at MSU have long been publicly posted, extending that practice to temporary jobs is in line with MSU’s commitment to be a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Effective Nov. 9, 2020, temporary and on-call positions are posted publicly on MSU’s Careers@MSU website. MSU postings, now including Temporary and On-call postings, also are sent to Pure Michigan Talent Connect at to expand the range of individuals likely to see MSU postings.

“Our mission is to attract high-quality employees to all position types at Michigan State University. It’s vital that we ensure our postings reach a diverse, widespread audience and that all individuals feel welcome and encouraged to apply,” said Alice Smith, Director of Hiring at MSU Human Resources. “Introducing this new hiring process, and the posting requirements associated with it, is a step in our ongoing efforts to make hiring processes more inclusive and attract high-quality, diverse talent pools.”

The University collaborated with hiring departments and leadership from across campus for feedback and decision-making as this new process was created and implemented.

Applicants can visit to review existing career opportunities at the University. Hiring colleges and departments can find more information about the new hiring process on the MSU Human Resources website at Contact the HR Solutions Center for more information or questions at or 517-353-4434.