Reminder: enroll in, change or cancel voluntary vision, legal and critical illness insurance during Open Enrollment

The MSU Benefits Open Enrollment period in October is an opportunity for you to review your benefit options and make any changes necessary for the upcoming plan year. While you may be aware you need to review your health and dental benefits, some voluntary benefits also only allow you to enroll in, change or cancel during Open Enrollment. These include VSP vision insurance, ARAG legal insurance, and MetLife critical illness insurance.

If you’re interested in enrolling in these benefits, need to make changes (like adding a dependent or switching to a different plan) or cancel your enrollment for the 2021 plan year, you must do so in October. If you’re currently enrolled in one of these voluntary benefit options and you do not make any changes, your enrollment will continue in 2021 with the exact same coverage.

How to Learn More, Enroll in, Change or Cancel Voluntary Benefits

Find a brief description of these voluntary benefits below. You can enroll in, change or cancel these optional benefits via the voluntary benefits portal at For additional information on these voluntary benefits, please review the appropriate Open Enrollment guide: Support Staff Open Enrollment Guide or Faculty/Academic Staff Open Enrollment Guide.

VSP Vision Insurance: Vision insurance can help with the cost of glasses and contact lenses for you and your family. VSP offers two plan options: the standard coverage plan or a premium coverage plan with an additional enhanced eyewear option of your choice. You can view a plan summary sheet with basic information about the two plan coverage options and rates in the voluntary benefits portal.

MetLife Critical Illness Insurance: Critical illness insurance gives you extra cash in the event you or covered family members experience a covered illness (view the plan summary on the HR website for a list of covered illnesses). This money can be used to offset unexpected medical expenses or for any other use you wish. You can view a plan summary sheet with basic information about the plan coverage and rates in the voluntary benefits portal.

ARAG Legal Insurance: Legal insurance gives you access to legal assistance in a wide variety of situations when you need it without worrying about the costs. The legal plan offers expanded and/or enhanced benefits, such as insurance claims, divorce, home equity loans, refinancing and elder law. ARAG® legal insurance excludes most pre-existing legal issues and business-related matters. You can view a plan summary sheet with basic information about the two plan coverage options and rates in the voluntary benefits portal.

Questions? You can learn more about, enroll in, change or cancel voluntary benefits in the voluntary benefits portal at Learn about all your benefits options on the Open Enrollment HR website page. Additionally, the HR Solutions Center is available for questions at or 517-353-4434.

Life is full of legal situations – legal insurance can help

Legal insurance is a bit like health insurance; you never know when you might need it, but it helps when you have to pay for doctor or attorney fees. While you may think you have no use for legal insurance, it covers more services than you realize. You can get help with things like financial counseling, divorce, and traffic ticket representation. Do you need to do estate planning or establish your will and inheritance rights? If you’re getting married, do you need to create a will leaving everything to your new spouse? MSU offers ARAG® Legal Insurance as an optional benefit to MSU employees. Learn more in the following video:

ARAG can give you legal advice and consultation when you’re facing legal issues. If you use their legal representation, ARAG can act on your behalf to make sure your legal matters are handled correctly. ARAG offers two coverage plans: the Ultimate Advisor and Ultimate Advisor Plus. Both plans feature an Education Center, advice, and representation. To compare more information on these two different plans, visit the MSU Human Resources website.

An ARAG Plan Member named Philip had the following to say about their plan: "It provided me with quick and clear guidance on how to obtain an attorney, what information they would require and eased the financial burden of taking on legal action."

It’s never too early to start planning ahead so you’re prepared for the unexpected. Start thinking now about your goals for this coming year and what kind of legal coverage or representation you might need. You can enroll in ARAG Legal Insurance during Open Enrollment in October.

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