Go Green this Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22, so let’s celebrate because helping the planet is not only recycling but so much more! Here are some ways you can help our Spartan community go green! Whether you are working from home, heading into the office or any combination, use these great tips and resources to make your lifestyle more sustainable.

MSU Recycling Center always leads the charge for reusable materials at MSU. The center is open seven days a week for dropping off materials. These materials can be anything and everything from books, cardboard, glass, plastics and more! Find their hours along with what and how to drop things off at the MSU Recycling Center website

If you do spend some or all of your workday away from home, consider looking into clean commuting options. You can try biking, CATA or even Spin Scooters. MSU Bikes can give 1-on-1 bike commuter assistance, helping you find the safest, lowest-stress route from your home to campus. MSU also offers secure covered bike parking and repair and air stations for your convenience. Information can be found on their website

Capital Area Transportation Authority offers multiple clean commute options with travel modes that fit your work hours and location. CATA also offers a commute cost calculator by examining how much money you spend driving and how much you can save by using the bus and other CATA services. Visit the CATA website to learn how to add CATA to your sustainable daily routine. 

Spin electric scooters are the newest addition to clean, affordable, convenient and fun ways to get around campus. These scooters are dockless, so no need to find a charger to pick them up or drop them off. They operate seven days a week during all daylight hours. To ride these electric scooters that travel up to 14 miles per hour, just download the Spin App and scan the unique QR code on the scooter you want to ride. Get ready to ride on and around campus by going to MSU’s Spin Scooter landing page

Are you looking for some new accessories to improve your work from home space? Do you need something different as you transition back to the office? The MSU Surplus Store is worth checking out! Finding items second hand is a great way to make a pledge to go green, especially when everything is at such great prices. Read MSU HR’s feature on the Surplus Store to learn more about the great services and items they offer!

This Earth Day, it has never been easier to make a pledge and go green! Reduce your carbon footprint with a clean commute, reuse and shop second hand at the MSU Surplus Store, and of course, recycle at the MSU Recycling Center. Putting in the effort this Earth Day and every day after that will make a difference for our planet!

Take a pledge and Go Green this Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with recycling, clean commuting options and more! Take the first step to help your Spartan community go green. Are you looking for ways to go green? Start small like walking to get your lunch instead of driving, carpooling with coworkers to work or recycling materials from home. Whether you’re at home or in the office you can recycle materials you aren’t using like plastics, paper, cardboard and glass.

MSU Recycling Center is taking the lead for reusable materials here on campus. The center is open 7 days a week for dropping off recycling materials. They have labeled containers for collecting books, boxboards, cardboard, glass and more! You can find out what material is accepted and how to drop it off at the MSU Recycle Center website.

If you are looking for clean commuting options on campus, try biking, CATA or Zipcar. MSU Bikes is one commuter option that you can use by finding 1-on-1 bike commuter assistance that can help you find the safest, lowest – stress route from campus to your home. Campus also offers secure covered bike parking with DIY repair and an air station for your convenience.

Zipcar is here to help you get to your on-campus destination or your weekend adventure. You can find local Zipcars in the area by visiting the Zipcar website or downloading the app. Zipcar offers a variety of cars, vans and SUVs for wherever you’re going. You also have the option to rent for a day, hour or weekend. Zipcar is offering commuter options for MSU staff and faculty, just locate the car you want, drive and return it back to its parking space. Find more information on Zipcar and where you can sign up at the Zipcar website.

CATA clean commute options are here for free ride matching services for bus routes, carpools, vanpools and bike buddies. You can find travel modes that best fit your needs for getting around campus. Clean commute options are guided to help you save money and have a no stress commute. CATA also offers a commute cost calculator by examining how much money you spend driving alone and how much you can save by carpooling. Visit the CATA website to get involved for a clean commute for your morning.

This Earth Day make a pledge to go green! Try one of these options, whether it’s recycling with the family or carpooling with coworkers in the morning. Putting in the effort this Earth Day will make for a better tomorrow.