Job of the Week: Technical Aide

This week, MSU Human Resources is featuring a Technical Aide position (posting 722719) for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

This support staff position provides technical support for the department. Responsibilities may include computer programming or operations, research support, medical patient care, technical equipment maintenance, repair, fabrication or operation and any and all other technical support functions. This specific term of work will be focusing on the fall migration research of Near-arctic and Neo-tropical land-birds at the Michigan State Bird Observatory, Burke Lake Banding Station, and Corey Marsh Ecological Research Center, each 15 minutes from MSU’s main campus. Education and outreach are key parts of the job as the station is open to the public and will host virtual and in person programs. Aides will be trained to extract passerines from mist nets, safe extraction procedures, and how to open and close mist nets. To read a full list of responsibilities for this position, click here

The desired qualifications for this role include a strong work ethic, a high interest in birds and a desire to gain field work experience. Aides must be able to learn how to record data from the staff member in charge, communicate with visitors about the procedures of the site and repair and keep up the mist nets and other equipment. To apply for this position, you must submit a letter of interest, resume and the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three references. All of the work will occur at one of the bird sanctuaries two to four days per week starting at around 30 minutes before sunrise. 

To read more about the department of this position, visit Learn more about the position and apply by August 19 here. Find all the latest job postings at

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