Mental Health Resources for Employees

Whether you’re a parent working from home while taking care of kids, an employee on the frontlines, or someone dealing with grief and loss, everyone’s mental health continues to be affected by the pandemic. While it can be difficult to ask for help, there are a variety of resources available to assist you as an MSU employee.

Support Groups and Learning Opportunities

The following virtual courses and meetups are available (some require registration) from MSU Health4U and the MSU WorkLife Office:

  • MSU Grief and Loss Support: Specialized counselors facilitate weekly online support sessions on Tuesdays for those experiencing grief and loss.
  • Coping 2.0: During the pandemic, our coping strategies were tested. This virtual course on June 1 is an overview of our coping strategies and why they seem to be failing at certain times. The class will review what our brain is doing during times of stress and teach brain-based coping strategies that can be accessed any time they are needed. At the end of this class, the participant will leave with a variety of coping skills and how to use them effectively.
  • Virtual Health and Well-Being Sampler Series: Health4U is offering an all virtual ‘Health and Well Being Sampler Series’ to units and departments at MSU. The Sampler Series is designed to provide MSU employees with a taste of the classes, programs, and services that are offered by the professional staff of the Health4U program. Participating MSU Units will have the chance to map out a custom, six-week course suite with classes in the focus areas of Emotional Wellness, Food & Nutrition, and Movement & Fitness.
  • Mental Health & COVID: What are we up against? How does COVID-19 impact our mental health? How do we care for ourselves and others? What resources are available and how do we access them? Let’s talk about these and other important questions as we address the intersection of physical health and mental health in the COVID19 pandemic. This event with the WorkLife Office is on May 13 – please register using the link in the course name.
  • Self-Care and COVID: We know that “self-care” is a buzzword we’re hearing all over the place lately, but what does it really mean? We’re here to tell you that it’s more than chocolate and bubble baths – although those are great too! Talk with us about ways in which we notice that we are in need of some care and how it’s possible even in the midst of a pandemic. We all need to take care of ourselves, so let’s look at how to make those lovely thoughts a reality. This event with the WorkLife Office is on May 20 – please register using the link in the course name.

Employee Assistance Program Counseling Services

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling service provided at no cost to MSU faculty, staff, retirees, graduate student employees, and their families. Learn how to make an appointment on the EAP website. These appointments are offered virtually through Zoom.

Teladoc and Best Doctors Services

As a reminder, benefit-eligible employees also have access to Teladoc and Best Doctors Behavioral Health Navigator for mental health services. Teladoc offers 24/7 access to a healthcare professional via web, phone or mobile app for employees enrolled in an MSU health plan. Employees and their dependents over 18 can also receive medical care for behavioral health (depression, anxiety, grief counseling, addiction, etc.). If deemed medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. The Behavioral Health Navigator can help you get a second opinion on any medical opinions and access to coaching and online educational tools.

Your mental health is a priority, and we want to ensure you are aware — and can take advantage — of the many mental health resources available to MSU employees.

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