TIAA offers financial workshops for women to learn more about investing, saving and more!

Looking to learn more about financial literacy? TIAA, one of MSU’s retirement vendors, is offering upcoming workshops on April 11 specifically geared towards women who are either in the early stages of their careers or mid-career. The She’s Got It: Financial Knowledge for All workshops are guided to help woman learn about investing, building actions plans and learning how to secure your future well-being. This workshop will focus on core concepts on investing, finding ways to save for life events and developing financial goals.

Why is it important to save? In life, anything can happen, and it is important to save for your future and for both expected and unexpected life events. You may not end up saving as much as you like every year, but you can start with a goal and plan from there. The workshops will go over ways to save if your single, married, in long-term relationship and saving with children and parents.

Below are some of the basics things you can learn from the workshops:

Saving and investing:

  • Setting aside an emergency fund
  • Increasing contributions from raises
  • Learn how to pay yourself first!
  • Two secrets of making your money grow

What to consider when investing?

  • Investment risk
  • Volatility
  • Asset allocation and diversification
  • Expenses

The workshops will be held on Thursday, April 11. Choose from one of the following sessions:

  • 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. OR
  • Noon – 1:30 p.m.

Both workshops will be at the MSU Student Center, Lake Huron Room, located on the third floor. For more information on this workshop or to reserve your seat, visit the TIAA website or give them a call at 800-732-8353.