The MSU Surplus Store is Back!

A special hidden gem on campus is back for the fall, and the possibilities are endless for your home, office and learning! That’s right, the Michigan State University Surplus Store has reopened, and on Fridays from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM you can go in person to check out what’s in stock and on sale. 

Operating under Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, the Surplus Store is a great resource for MSU students, employees and faculty. Store employees take the time to visit buildings and facilities across campus to see where there are items in a surplus and whatever is no longer needed, take it to their store, give it the love it needs, and then resell to the campus community for a reduced rate.

The store also prides itself on their zero waste policy, meaning that if they collect something that cannot be resold, they recycle it for parts at their onsite recycling center. If you are interested in learning more about the center, visit their website here

As employees are gearing up to head back to the office at MSU, or planning for another semester at home, give your space a spruce-up with a new desk, a computer monitor or a bookshelf. If the item you purchased is large and heading to your on-campus space, the store will deliver it to your department for free. Maybe you are looking to pick up a new hobby this year. Use the Surplus Store to grab a new pair of running shoes and hit the trails, a raised garden plot to grow flowers, herbs, or pumpkins for the fall season or a camera and tripod to take pictures of our beautiful campus. Whatever you may be looking for this fall, make sure you check what’s new and for sale by visiting

Did you know you can shop at the MSU Surplus Store online? With both an eBay Account and an Amazon Storefront, you can use your rewards and Amazon Prime on items at the store. The biggest feature on these online sites are textbooks, so if you are a student or have a student at home, visit these sites before purchasing your books at full price somewhere else!

As the Surplus Store works towards a zero waste benchmark, it partners with other departments to get there, too. One of these departments is the Forestry Department, where artisans create new products out of tree waste from campus and surrounding areas. Check out the beautiful pieces you can purchase here. If you are interested in buying produce and other food items that are locally sourced through the MSU community, you can do that here. Grab honey from Spartan bees, maple syrup from Spartan trees or frozen meat from the large meat packaging program on campus. 

If you have any questions about the surplus store, you can visit their website or go inside at 468 Green Way, East Lansing during their open hours. The Surplus Store continues to collect thousands of items per month for members of the Spartan community so take advantage of that during the upcoming school year!

Schedule an Office Clean-Out for Recyclemania

RecycleMania is an annual competition that encourages college campuses to rally together in order to increase recycling rates. This year, the event will take place from February 1 to March 28. During the eight-week competition, students are encouraged to be adamant in their recycling efforts. MSU Sustainability will make appearances on campus in order to award those “caught” green-handed.

Exercise your impact and go green for RecycleMania!
Exercise your impact and go green for RecycleMania!

The MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center is encouraging faculty and staff to participate in the festivities by scheduling an office clean-out. Office clean outs include a morning delivery of two hampers to your work space; one for confidential shred, one for everything else including paper, cardboard, boxboard, plastics, books and electronics. The hampers will be available for the entirety of your scheduled clean-out and will be picked up the following morning. Surplus items can also be picked up simultaneously if this need is vocalized in advance.

Office clean-outs present a wonderful opportunity to be Spartan green and to organize your work space. To schedule a clean-out, call MSU Sustainability at 517-355-1751.

For additional information visit or view the PDF.