Try the Healthwise Knowledgebase for the Right Information, Right Away!

It’s easy to find health information on the Internet. But sorting through thousands of sites and trying to determine which ones are actually offering accurate and medically sound information is far from simple.Healthwise Logo

Luckily, MSU has a powerful weapon for cutting through all the cyber-clutter when it comes to searching for health information on the web. By visiting, you will have immediate access to accurate, reliable health information.

Healthwise uses a comprehensive research and review process, and each page is written by qualified medical professionals. Content is reviewed on a regular basis and quickly updated if new information becomes available.

Another great feature of the Healthwise Knowledgebase is that it’s tailored specifically for MSU by integrating our resources. For instance, when you search for information about smoking, not only will you be offered great information about the health impact of smoking, but you will also find a link back to MSU’s U Can Quit services.

The Healthwise Knowledgebase does not replace the advice of your health care provider. It is a source of personal health information that can help shape your health behaviors to keep you healthy – and reduce unnecessary medical costs.

So the next time you have a question about that strange pain in your knee or want to know more about the latest herbal treatment recommended by a coworker – instead of trusting potentially inaccurate and unreliable websites, visit Healthwise to get the right information right away!

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