Thank You Custodial Staff!

Today we’re thanking the staff members that keep 11.2 million square feet clean throughout 100 buildings on campus! We’re thankful for having a clean place to work and a clean environment for our students to learn and live, our faculty to research and teach, and our public to visit.

Custodial services have a variety of job tasks, including:

  • providing cleaning services in MSU’s academic, athletics, medical and events buildings
  • locking and unlocking the buildings
  • operating swimming pools
  • replacing light bulbs and tubes
  • setting up special events
  • assembling furniture
  • providing heavy trucking, labor and equipment for certain moving and delivery services.
MSU Custodial Staff
MSU’s Custodial Staff. Photo courtesy of MSU Physical Plant.

MSU Custodial Staff, thank you for everything to do to make MSU shine!

Useful Links:

Physical Plant Custodial Services

3 thoughts on “Thank You Custodial Staff!

  1. Sheryl who is our custodial person in the Auditorium Building is the most wonderful and caring person. She goes above and beyond everyday, and she just thinks it is part of her job. We love her and will be very sad when she leaves us to go to another building.

  2. The people I’ve come in contact with take pride in their work and really deserve a hello whern you see them and a thank you.

  3. Thank you to Bethany for this great post and recognition of a fine group of people! Thank you Stacey and Sue for your comments. Thank you to the Custodial family for your dedicated service.

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