Sentimental and Sustainable: MSU Shadows Collection

The MSU Surplus Store has been a major proponent of the Be Spartan Green initiative by taking steps to reduce the amount of university material waste, reuse objects and create new goods out of old ones, and recycle everything that cannot be repurposed. In line with this concept is the MSU Shadows Collection, artisan-designed and handmade items crafted from the trees of our very own Michigan State University’s campus.

Instead of going to the wood chipper, trees salvaged by the Department of Forestry are carved into everything from benches to business card holders, kitchen tables to cutting boards. In addition to the inherent value of purchasing something crafted from trees grown on MSU’s campus, the money you spend goes directly back into the cause. Your purchase will support tree planting initiatives as well as forestry and urban wood recovery programs.

So if you want a diploma frame with a little sentimental value or a coffee table that’s also a conversation-starter, check out MSU Shadows and see how you can Be Spartan Green too.

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