Thank you Infrastructure Planning and Facilities!

We might have thought we’d escape with an easy winter this year, but Mother Nature is always prepared to throw us a friendly reminder: this is still Michigan. Fortunately for everyone at Michigan State, the recent onslaughts of snowfall have been no match for Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, and that deserves a hearty thank you from Human Resources and the rest of the MSU community! We admire your dedication to keeping our roads and sidewalks safe. We also are always thankful for the alerts and warnings that go out to keep our community informed, the work you do to keep our campus beautiful year-round, and the construction you are a part of that is constantly improving our campus. Quite frankly, we are glad for all that you do!

Students trekking through North Neighborhood over paths cleared by MSU IPF.
Students brave the cold on snow-free walkways near the MSU Museum on November 30, 2011.

The IPF road crews’ willingness and commitment to be up before the sun and clear the danger from our paths is not something everyone can do, and we appreciate you for it. Thank you Infrastructure Planning and Facilities!

One thought on “Thank you Infrastructure Planning and Facilities!

  1. IPF is deserving of all the positive accolades sent their way… Thank you for all you do – You are the Best!!!

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