Where do I find my earnings statements online?

Today’s Mailroom Monday question is:
Where do I find my earnings statements in the new EBS HR/Payroll System?

To see 2011 earnings statements:

  • Log in to the Employee Self Service (ESS) section of EBS using your MSU Net ID and password. (You can access the link to get to EBS at http://www.ebs.msu.edu/ or at the top of the HR site at http://www.hr.msu.edu/)
  • Once you are logged in, click on the ESS Tab (It may say ESS Staff, ESS Faculty or ESS Hourly depending on your employee type).

On that screen, under the payroll link, click on the “earnings statements”  quick link to get to your earnings statements.  The red arrow in the picture below shows which link to click on:

Earnings Statement with arrow showing link
The red arrow in this image is pointing to the earnings statement link

For additional information, visit the EBS website at www.ebs.msu.edu

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