Thank You MSU Student Food Bank

The MSU Student Food Bank, a partnership between MSU Student Health Services, the Council of Graduate Students, the Greater Lansing Food Bank and Feeding America, was the first campus-based food assistance bank in the country. In 1993, the food bank’s founders recognized a problem that many other universities fail to acknowledge; some students face food insecurity on a regular basis. Still operational 22 years later, the MSU Student Food Bank’s goal is to cut grocery bills in half.

At the MSU Student Food Bank, your donation goes a long way.
At the MSU Student Food Bank, your donation goes a long way.

While the holiday season is over, the MSU Food Bank’s giving spirit has not diminished. Each semester, the food bank holds multiple distribution evenings. During distribution evenings, 15 to 20 students help package food, stock shelves and generally serve MSU students, both graduates and undergraduates, as well as their families.  The bank distributes an impressive 50,000 pounds of food annually to students and their families. This month, the food bank will be holding two distribution dates; January 14 and January 28. Donations would be greatly appreciated prior to these events. To volunteer, contact the MSU Center for Service-Learning & Civic Engagement at 517-353-4400.

Thanks MSU Student Food Bank for all that you do!

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