EBS Forms Improvements

June is a big month for EBS forms improvement.  New Faculty and Academic Staff, Undergraduate and Professorial Assistant and Graduate Assistant forms are all launching in the month of June.

Faculty and academic staff reappointment, rehire and enhanced hire forms went live on June 17.  The reappointment form was completely redesigned into two new forms; the reappointment form and the rehire form.   The release also includes one streamlined entry point which directs form initiators to the appropriate HR form.  Also included were changes to the waiver process.  Details about these changes can be found here.

A webinar will be held Wednesday June 19 at 2:00 p.m. covering changes to the undergraduate and professorial assistant forms and another webinar on Thursday June 20 at 10:00 a.m. will go over changes to the graduate assistant rehire, add assignment and reappointment forms.  All of these forms will be available in EBS on June 24.   Register for the webinars on the EBS Support site.   Because of the launch of these redesigned forms, we are asking that units refrain from submitting Fall semester Assignment Extension and Additional Assignment GA forms prior to June 24th, so that the new functionality may be utilized. Brand new hires to the University may be submitted at any time. All GA forms may be initiated anytime after June 24. After June 21, Human Resources will no longer have the capability of approving the “old” Assignment Extension form. Any Assignment Extension forms still in workflow at that time that subsequently reach CHR will be returned to the unit for re-processing.

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