OPD Course Spotlight — Continuous Process Improvement Series

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” – Mark Twain

Picture this: Your department is functioning smoothly, with greater efficiency and productivity, utilizing clear, easy-to-understand frameworks for ongoing processes with easily transferrable knowledge and expertise. This type of work environment isn’t just a pipe dream. In fact, it’s part of MSU’s strategic plan, which sets forth the following action item:

Establish processes to systematically identify and remove barriers to success and reduce work inefficiencies to improve the experience of working at MSU.
(MSU 2030 Strategic Plan: Goal 2, Objective 1, Strategy/Action 6)

Continuous Process Improvement is an area of growing importance, as new and emerging leaders recognize process as foundational to the success of individuals, teams and organizations. Continuous improvement can range from simple changes in the day-to-day workings of your team to large-scale procedural shifts across the entire university. In all cases, you need the right instruments to achieve success and keep it going.

Continuous Process Improvement Learning Series

A variety of programs are available to assist you and your team in developing a culture of process excellence, with Fall 2022 sessions currently open for registration in EBS. The courses below typically provide the maximum benefit when taken as a series, although taking only a few of the classes is also an option, depending on your learning needs.

  1. Process Mapping 101 – Getting Started | elevateU e-learning course, 20 minutes
    • Define key process improvement terminology.
    • Identify common process maps and their differences.
  2. Introduction to Process Mapping | Instructor-led training
    • Define key process improvement terminology.
    • Identify common elements of process maps.
    • Reduce barriers to success by adopting best practices.
    • Create a process map.
    • Begin work on individual work-related processes using the resources provided.
  3. Promapp, Interactive Process Creation | Instructor-led training
    (requires completion of a prerequisite course, Introduction to Process Mapping)
    • Create processes in the Nintex Promapp system and use key features.
    • Utilize best writing practices and process standards to create engaging and consistent processes.
  4. Writing Policies and Procedures | Instructor-led training
    • Draft policies and procedures in clear terms that can be understood by all.
    • Discover strategies and methods for creating easy-to-understand resources.
  5. New Course! Facilitating Process Improvement | Instructor-led training
    • Identify leading process improvement frameworks and their appropriate applications.
    • Apply the RAPID methodology and supporting project documents to design a process improvement initiative.
    • Evaluate process effectiveness and identify common sources of waste
    • Adopt facilitation best practices in the management of process improvement initiatives.

Check out a preview of what you can expect from the Introduction to Process Mapping class to get a feel for the types of tools and strategies you’ll gain:

Ready to Learn More?

Register for upcoming courses in the Continuous Process Improvement Learning Series in the EBS Portal by selecting the Courses for Employees at MSU tile under My Career and Training. A list of recommended self-directed learning resources is below to get you started, and OPD can be reached at prodev@hr.msu.edu with any questions.


elevateU Courses

elevateU Microlearning – Videos


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  1. I’ve taken these 5 courses from OPD, and I would recommend them to anyone responsible for any process(es). The “Writing clear policies & procedures” course should be required for ANYONE at the university, since we all do some of that!

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