How Your Best Doctors Benefit Can Help You through COVID-19

Have you had to cancel or reschedule a surgery or other medical procedure due to the current health crisis? Best Doctors is here to help by providing expert second medical opinions and access to coaching and online education tools to benefits-eligible MSU employees and retirees. With Best Doctors, those facing serious diagnoses or those who are unsure of their treatment plan can have their medical diagnosis, treatment plan and medical questions reviewed and answered by world-renowned medical experts for free. Those who utilize their Best Doctors benefit are ensured to have the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment going forward as they navigate through the rest of life’s uncertainties.

How Others Have Benefitted from Best Doctors

Best Doctors user testimonial quote saying, "The Best Doctors experience was thorough and easy. I received a wealth of information and interacted with people who seemed like they genuinely cared about what happens to me."

How Best Doctors Helped the Price Family:

How Best Doctors Helped Jack: Best Doctors Stopped Jack from Undergoing an Unnecessary, High-Risk Surgery

Testimonial quote from Jack saying, "I don't know how to put Best Doctors' overall concern and sincerity of caring into words."

How Best Doctors Helped Bruce: Best Doctors made sure Bruce had the information he needed to make the best decision for him

Testimonial quote from Bruce saying, "The report gave me confidence in my decision to move forward with the right solution for me."

How Does it Work?

Watch a video about how Best Doctors can help you or follow the steps below for access to Best Doctors’ services.

Visit the  Best Doctors website  and click “Create a Profile” to register. You then have the option to  use  the following services:

  1. Expert Opinion: Have a physician conduct an in-depth review of your medical case and receive  expert advice about medical treatment options.  
  1. Find a Specialist: Get help finding a specialist near you. 
  1. Treatment Decision Support: You have access to coaching and interactive, online educational tools that offer in-depth and easy-to-follow information about your specific medical condition. Use these tools to help you make more educated, confident decisions about your health. 
  1. Medical Records eSummary: With your permission, you have the option to allow Best Doctors to collect and organize your medical records for you and provide them on a USB drive. You will also receive a personal Health Alert Summary based on the records collected, giving you a total snapshot of your medical wellness. 

For any questions about Best Doctors, contact Best Doctors directly using the information below: 

  • Phone: 866-904-0910 
  • Best Doctors Website 
  • App: Download the Best Doctors app for Apple/Android by searching for “Best Doctors Member” in the Apple store or Google Play 

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