Nationwide pet insurance can help you save!

Taking care of your pet is like taking care of someone in your family – you want nothing but the best for them. But sometimes having a pet can be costly. Did you know that as an MSU benefit-eligible employee, you have the option to purchase pet insurance through Nationwide?

One of the benefits of having pet insurance is that you can receive 90% back on your vet bills. Another benefit is you’re not paying out-of-pocket all at once. Having pet insurance allows you to pay a low annual deductible, while having a generous annual benefit. The more pets you have, the more savings you acquire. The My Pet Protection is one of the plans offered from Nationwide. This plan has a low $250 annual deductible and a $7,500 maximum annual benefit.

If your pet has any preexisting condition it will not be covered with Nationwide. However, My Pet Protection covers a large list of conditions such as:

  • Accidents (broken bones, injuries, cuts)
  • Common illnesses (ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea)
  • Serious/chronic illnesses (cancer and diabetes)
  • Surgeries
  • X-rays (MRIs and CT scans)
  • Prescriptions medications and therapeutic diets

With Nationwide pet insurance, you have access to a veterinary professional 24/7 as well as emergency boarding, lost pet advertising and more. Coverage is available for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and reptiles. To find out if your pet is eligible for coverage, call Nationwide at 888-899-4874. You can enroll anytime in this benefit at MSU Benefits Plus by selecting your pet (cat or dog), providing your zip code and picking your plan. The coverage period will depend on when your policy is issued.

For more information on pet insurance, visit the MSU HR website or get a free quote today on the Nationwide website.

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