Job of the Week 10/21/16

This week we are highlighting a Police Officer (posting #4270) with the Department of Police and Public Safety.  This position requires the Officer to patrol land governed by MSU Board of Trustees on foot, motorcycle, bicycle or patrol vehicle utilizing State laws and university ordinances; preserve law and order, prevent crime and protect life and property of students, faculty, staff and visitors; affect an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints in accordance with department-approved tactics; pursue fleeing subjects on foot, bicycle or patrol vehicle in accordance with department policy and procedure; perform investigations and conduct legal searches of subjects to detect potential weapons or illegal contraband; operate an emergency vehicle during both day and night shift hours. Officers must also load, aim, and fire handguns, rifles, and other agency-specific firearms from a variety of positions in training and real life scenarios that justify the use of deadly force while regulating emotions under extreme stress; maintain composure during rapidly evolving situations involving potentially uncooperative subjects; deescalate situations with proper verbal commands and appropriately articulate and act upon situations that require elevating use of force within department policy and procedure; effectively carry out community team policing functions such as: office hours, alcohol awareness programs and other various events to strengthen bond with the community in which we serve; participate in training sessions such as: legal update, defensive tactics, firearms and various other annual training requirements in accordance with Michigan State University.

MSU Jobs IconFor a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.

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