“Where’s the Pig?” FSA Contest Answers & Winners

Thanks to everyone who played our “Where’s the Pig?” FSA Contest! We can now share the campus locations of our piggy bank mascot:

FSA Piggy Bank
Our FSA Piggy Bank was found all around campus, including the MSU Library!
  1. Brody Square stairway
  2. 4-H Children’s Garden
  3. Red Cedar River facing Wells Hall, behind the Administration Building and Computer Center
  4. Olds Hall, in front of the Administration Building
  5. Beaumont Tower walkway
  6. MSU Main Library
  7. The DeLapa Perennial Garden of the Horticulture GardensContinue Reading… “Where’s the Pig?” FSA Contest Answers & Winners

Do I need to keep all of my receipts for my Flexible Spending Account?

Yes! Since Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are IRS-regulated benefits, save all of your receipts. IRS rules require FSA Plan Administrators to substantiate the eligibility of ALL items and services billed to Flexible Spending Accounts, including those transactions using HCSA debit cards.

FSA Piggy Bank
Keep your FSA receipts!

MSU’s FSA Plan Administrator, Meritain Health, may contact you to submit a receipt to verify an expense. To meet IRS requirements, if such receipts aren’t sent to MSU’s FSA Plan Administrator in the time frame indicated in their messages, your HCSA Debit Card may be suspended until the issue is resolved.Continue Reading… Do I need to keep all of my receipts for my Flexible Spending Account?

“Fun Friday” Contest Winners 10/28/11

The drawing’s been held for this week’s “Fun Friday” contest, and the winners are:

MSU Tumbler Cup
MSU Tumbler Cup from University Stores

Bowling and Billiards at the U!

The next time you find yourself bored on a weekend with nothing to do, how about some good old-fashioned fun with a bowling night out at the MSU Union? Right in the basement of the south wing of the MSU Union is Spartan Lanes, a 16-lane bowling alley with a classic, fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Also, right next to the bowling alley in the Union basement is UCue Billards, with open billiards and 8 championship pocket tables.

The convenient location and low cost entertainment of bowling and billiards at the Union make it the ideal place to take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy some fun rolling some balls with your co-workers or family!Continue Reading… Bowling and Billiards at the U!

Job Posting of the Week! 10/27/11

This week we’re highlighting an Office Supervisor I position in the department of Physiology (Posting #5373).  Some of the job duties for this position include supervising, scheduling, prioritizing and assigning the work of the support staff; training and evaluating employees; reporting to the Chairperson of the Physiology Department; supports the administrative, operational and educational activities of the Physiology office; provides general administrative support including managing the chairperson’s calendars, arranging travel and processing all related travel paperwork; editing and composing correspondence; supporting unit committees by scheduling meetings, creating agendas, preparing meeting materials and taking minutes.  For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to jobs.msu.edu and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.

Thank you, Brent!

Brent Bowditch and Zeke the Wonder Dog
Brent Bowditch and Zeke the Wonder Dog at the 2011 MSU HR Charity Tailgate event. Photo courtesy of JoAnn Estell.

It’s thankful Thursday and today we’d like to say thank you to Brent Bowditch, who has served as the Assistant Vice President for MSU Human Resources over the last three years. Though we are sad to see you leave, your HR family wants you to know that we are thankful for all the great leadership qualities you brought to HR. We appreciate your hard work, family friendly values, consistently positive attitude and constant focus on teamwork and quality.  You left a positive mark on MSU and on many of us as individuals in your time with us at MSU Human Resources. We wish you continuing success in your ongoing professional endeavors.Continue Reading… Thank you, Brent!

Accountability is not a four-letter word!

accountability illustration

What do you think of when you hear the word accountability?  For some people, the word conjures up negative images. (Picture a red-faced person screaming in your face “I’m holding you personally accountable for this mess!”) But accountability is not about who to blame for mistakes and it’s not just something one person dumps on another.  On the contrary, accountability to ourselves and others is a crucial ingredient of success for individuals, work teams and entire organizations.

“A desire for greater accountability is a major theme that MSU employees have expressed in the surveys, focus groups, interviews and advisory group discussions held as part of the Participatory Management Initiative at MSU,” said Dawn Hecker, who leads the Organizational Development team at MSU Human Resources and also serves as a Participatory Management Initiative consultant. “We heard loud and clear that most MSU employees are proud of the work they do and care intensely about the quality of their work. They want to be held accountable for their own results and they want coworkers to be held accountable for their work as well so the entire team can succeed together.”Continue Reading… Accountability is not a four-letter word!

“Where’s the Pig?” Flexible Spending Account Contest!

As we were preparing for this year’s Flexible Spending Account Open Enrollment, our piggy bank mascot disappeared! We caught sight of him in several places on campus. We hope you can help us find him!

FSA Piggy Bank
Do you know where our pig is? Enter the contest now!

Visit this link to enter our “Where’s the FSA Pig?” contest! There are seven photos, and you need to guess where the piggy bank is in each of these photos taken on MSU’s campus. The first person to guess all the photos correctly by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 28 will win an FSA piggy bank. If nobody guesses all locations correctly, the winner will be the first person to get the most locations right by Friday, October 28. We’re also holding this contest on Facebook and Twitter. There will be one winner from each website!Continue Reading… “Where’s the Pig?” Flexible Spending Account Contest!

How Do I Find a Carpool?

If you’re feeling the pinch at the pump, you may be considering a carpool. Carpooling saves you money, time looking for a parking spot and the environment. It also offers opportunities for networking and companionship. But you may not be sure where to begin! The best place to find a carpool is through the Capital Area Transit Authority’s (CATA’s) “Clean Commute Options” program. Their program finds carpool partners and discusses other options for getting to work while saving resources. You can call CATA at 517-393-7433, email them at cleancommute@cata.org or visit their website.

Transportation on Campus
There are plenty of options for commuting to and around campus. Photo by University Relations.

If you’re wondering about parking with a carpool, MSU Police offers a special carpool parking permit. More details can be found on the Police website or you can call the Parking Office at 517-355-8440.Continue Reading… How Do I Find a Carpool?

“Fun Friday” Contest Winner 10/21/11

The drawing’s been held for this week’s “Fun Friday” contest, and the winners are:

MSU Portfolio
MSU Portfolio from University Stores!