“Where’s the Pig?” Flexible Spending Account Contest!

As we were preparing for this year’s Flexible Spending Account Open Enrollment, our piggy bank mascot disappeared! We caught sight of him in several places on campus. We hope you can help us find him!

FSA Piggy Bank
Do you know where our pig is? Enter the contest now!

Visit this link to enter our “Where’s the FSA Pig?” contest! There are seven photos, and you need to guess where the piggy bank is in each of these photos taken on MSU’s campus. The first person to guess all the photos correctly by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 28 will win an FSA piggy bank. If nobody guesses all locations correctly, the winner will be the first person to get the most locations right by Friday, October 28. We’re also holding this contest on Facebook and Twitter. There will be one winner from each website!

So, enter now and help us catch our FSA pig!

Want to learn more about Flexible Spending Account Open Enrollment? Visit our special FSA website!

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