Thank you, Brent!

Brent Bowditch and Zeke the Wonder Dog
Brent Bowditch and Zeke the Wonder Dog at the 2011 MSU HR Charity Tailgate event. Photo courtesy of JoAnn Estell.

It’s thankful Thursday and today we’d like to say thank you to Brent Bowditch, who has served as the Assistant Vice President for MSU Human Resources over the last three years. Though we are sad to see you leave, your HR family wants you to know that we are thankful for all the great leadership qualities you brought to HR. We appreciate your hard work, family friendly values, consistently positive attitude and constant focus on teamwork and quality.  You left a positive mark on MSU and on many of us as individuals in your time with us at MSU Human Resources. We wish you continuing success in your ongoing professional endeavors.

Just remember, Brent, once a Spartan, always a Spartan! If you have to go, at least we know you’ll GO GREEN!

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