EBS Portal: Personal Profile Tips

If you haven’t logged onto EBS in a while, you’ll notice that the portal has been refreshed! We encourage everyone to become familiar with the new look and navigation before open enrollment begins on October 1.Refreshed EBS Portal

To help you navigate the refreshed EBS portal, there is a robust EBS Help website. The site is also accessible once you’re in the portal by clicking the help icon.

While the focus of the refreshed portal is improved navigation, there is a new Personal Profile application for employees. Learn more below.

How to access personal information:

Once you log onto EBS, you will see a menu bar on the left side of your screen. To access personal information, you will click on the “My Personal Information” tab.

This tab brings you to the Personal Information homepage. To access information related to you and your employment, click on the “Personal Profile” tile on the far left.

Once you are on the Personal Profile page, you are able to view items such as your bank information, emergency contact information, and tax withholdings.  New in the refreshed EBS portal, you can also see your salary data, retirement eligibility and benefits eligibility. Retirement eligibility lists information relevant to when an employee can retire.  Benefits eligibility lists dates related to benefits, longevity, and long term disability.

You can update bank information and tax withholdings by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of those sections and filling in the necessary information.

If you need additional help outside of the portal, you can contact the HR Solutions Center at 517-353-4434 or SolutionsCenter@hr.msu.edu.

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