Expand your cooking repertoire with these Health4U programs

Eating is one of the great pleasures of life, but home cooking can pose many challenges without the right instruction, and it’s often difficult to find easy-to-prepare recipes. Health4U brings cooking know-how right to you with two on-campus instructional sessions: Kitchen Skill Drill and Recipe for Health Cooking Series. These instructional sessions are held on campus from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m., approximately once a month. They are presented by Health4U Nutritionist Peggy Crum and demonstrated by Corporate Chef for Culinary Services Kurt Kwiatkowski.

Kitchen Skill Drill demonstrations are held in the community kitchen in McDonel Hall. Chef Kurt will show you how to best perform a specific skill in the kitchen, such as grilling or knife safety. The session is free, and you get to sample the delicious food prepared in the kitchen. The next demonstration will be on September 20.

Recipe for Health Cooking Series demonstrations are held in the Brody Square Demonstration Kitchen. Chef Kurt demonstrates a recipe featured in the Recipe for Health Newsletter that comes out every month. These recipes revolve around a specific ingredient such as cheese, peanut butter or apples. Make sure you check out the upcoming demonstration on potatoes on Wednesday, August 10!

You must pay to enter the dining hall. Read and watch past newsletters and Livestream video of the demonstrations.

So take a well-deserved break in your day for some personalized cooking instruction. Ask questions, sample delicious food and learn a thing or two about healthy cooking that is easier than you think!

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