Thank you IPF Custodial Services!

ty-custodial-2Their work often goes unnoticed, but it is evident every day when faculty, staff and students enter campus buildings to begin the day.

Custodial Services workers clean restrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, libraries, laboratories and more. They empty your trash can, mop or vacuum the floor you walk on and disinfect the door handles and light switches you touch. Each building has a crew that comes in during off hours to prepare the building for the next day.

Thank you, Custodial Services, for your constant upkeep of the numerous buildings on campus!

2 thoughts on “Thank you IPF Custodial Services!

  1. Wow! Thanks for the recognition! The tough part of any “maintenance” work is that if everything is going well, the customer is not supposed to notice that we were there.
    We also appreciate the feedback from an extra set of eyes that helps us see where we can better serve the campus.

  2. The custodial staff at Morrill Hall of Agriculture are wonderful. We really appreciate all their efforts at keeping our historic building clean and safe. Thank you to them!

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