Congratulations to the “Square Up Your Savings” Winners!

Congratulations to the three winners of the “Square Up Your Savings” challenge in April! MSU Human Resources and TIAA, one of our retirement vendors, partnered to bring this fun and educational opportunity to the MSU community as part of Financial Literacy Month.

A total of 749 participants completed 10 missions centered on savings education. When a mission was completed, players earned a square to place on a campus map where they thought virtual hidden savings might be located. Players were then entered into a drawing to win one of three iPad minis.

This year’s winners were:

Danielle Ferguson, Veterinarian with Animal Care Program
Pearl Wong, Collection Coordinator with the MSU Museum
Sharon Ruggles, Academic Program Coordinator with Geography Environment Spatial Sciences

Thank you to TIAA for sponsoring this challenge! We hope everyone who participated enjoyed the new, more interactive format.


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