Remember to power down before vacation

Power down before vacation graphicThe arrival of summer also means a number of Spartans will be planning trips and leaving East Lansing for extended periods. To help reduce MSU’s energy use and emissions, follow these simple steps before leaving campus for extended time off.

Shut and secure windows
Report any windows that don’t close properly. This will keep warm air out.

Close curtains and lower blinds
Depending on how they are used, curtains and blinds can reduce heat gain by up to 30 percent.

Leave thermostats at 75°F
Unlike your home thermostat, there is no need to adjust the temperature when you leave your workspace.

Unplug and turn off unnecessary appliances
This includes copiers, computers, printers, televisions, fax machines, radios, water coolers and task lighting. Using power strips makes this step a lot easier.

Shut the sash
If you work in a lab, keep fume hood sashes closed when not in use. Consider turning off any non-essential lab computers and equipment while you are gone.

Turn off the lights
This simple step can reduce energy use by up to 20 percent!

Report problems
To report problems with windows, doors or leaks; call Infrastructure Planning and Facilities at (517) 353-1760.

Thank you for using energy wisely on campus.
Have a safe and happy vacation!

MSU’s Power Down Before Vacation checklist (PDF)

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