Spartan Marketplace: Your One-Stop University Shopping Experience!

Spartan Marketplace was developed as a shopping cart experience for your college or department purchasing needs and designed for flexibility and your ease of use. If you haven’t been an avid user since its introduction in fall 2015, take a look at some of its features!

  • Spartan Marketplace logoCurrently 14 suppliers, such as Dell, OfficeMax, and Fisher Scientific, are connected through Spartan Marketplace, and more are steadily being phased in.

  • The single portal allows you to search across catalogs for what you’re looking for and uses one cart to consolidate and hold your orders from multiple suppliers.
  • For users ordering from different accounts, it is easy to save and manage multiple accounts instead of having to plug them in manually each time.
  • Any active employee can access Spartan Marketplace by selecting its tab in EBS. Fiscal officers approve each purchase. The application requires updated versions of many browsers to work well, so be sure to check if yours is compliant with requirements.
  • The contracted pricing shown in Spartan Marketplace is the correct cost; unlike Open Orders, there will be no administrative markup. In addition, most shipping costs are already factored into the pricing, making your process more streamlined and efficient!

There is more information, a webinar recording and a FAQ available through University Services. Be sure to check out Spartan Marketplace for a seamless online ordering experience!

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