Kicking Off America Saves Week!

Whether you’re counting down the days or have barely thought about it, retirement is coming for all of us, and this week is dedicated to educating you about the best practices in saving for your future. America Saves Week was started to keep the workforce informed and offer options for developing good savings behavior. If you invest with Fidelity and have questions about how much you should be saving or what you should be investing in,you have access to several online workshops to point you in the right direction for whatever stage you’re at in your career:

Change scattered in front of a piggy bank.
Photo courtesy of 401k Calculator.
  • Confident Investing in Any Market
  • Get Started and Save For the Future You
  • Preparing Your Savings for Retirement

In addition, TIAA-CREF Financial Services encourages developing a strategy and creating a timeline to plan out how much you should be saving now and offers some important guidelines on how to prepare for an emergency, saving for retirement, and starting with a strategy, as well as many more tips freely available on their website. For answers to all the questions you may have and even more information you may not have known about, be sure to take advantage of all the resources available to you this week!

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