Showing thanks to co-workers

thanksgivig graphic-smallThe spirit of Thanksgiving is sometimes buried behind hectic food preparation, travel plans and premature holiday and shopping distractions. It’s important to remember that Thanksgiving provides us with a time to reflect upon the good fortune and good people in our lives.

Many of these good people are those that you work with, sharing experiences as you work toward the same goal. It’s easy to show them your gratitude in simple gestures that will bring the spirit of Thanksgiving in your office. Here are a few ways to show thanks:

  • Bring in a treat. Food brings people together and gives you an opportunity to show off your cooking skills. Bringing in some Thanksgiving leftovers is also a great way to clear out an over-stuffed fridge.
  • Write a note. You don’t need to clear out the shelves of the Hallmark store for this one. Even just a sticky note placed on your co-worker’s computer or a quick email can be enough to convey your gratitude.
  • Say “thank you.” Perhaps the easiest of them all, simply telling your co-workers that you appreciate them, especially by mentioning something specific that they have done for you, can brighten their day.

Before heading home to your family this long weekend, remember to send a smile or a kind word to those in your MSU family.

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