2015 Outstanding Supervisor Award recipients

Congratulations to the 2015 Outstanding Supervisor Award recipients!

The Outstanding Supervisor Award was established by the Family Resource Center in the spring of 2001 to draw attention to MSU supervisors who are highly regarded by their employees for their consistent support of the work/life (professional/personal) needs of their employees. Various academic and support staff units submitted excellent nominations this year. The nominees and nominators represent a wide variety of departments and position levels.

The recipients were honored at surprise parties with their staff on or around National Boss Day, October 16, 2015. These departments went out of their way to recognize these positive managers with moving award ceremonies where their family members were also invited. All of the nominees received Certificates of Nomination and letters of congratulations.

This year’s three winners include the following:

John Gerlach

John Gerlach – Director – Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program-College of Natural Science

  • “John is exceedingly fair, empathetic, and innovative and exemplifies how work-life balance is meant to be.”
  • “Dr. Gerlach consistently fosters a positive atmosphere and an understanding of personal life-work issues.”
  • “He is clear about expectations and allows faculty and staff time for continuing educational activities and time for personal issues. He takes time to know each of us and is interested in our well being.”


Gladys RaymondGladys Raymond Manager – Office of Sponsored Programs

  • “Gladys has gone above and beyond to accommodate not only significant happenings (sickness, surgeries, etc..) but she has made sure that my schedule has accommodated sporting events and school related activities.”
  • “Gladys’ own productivity and ‘can do’ attitude exemplify her expectations for employees and inspire us to mimic her lead.”
  • “With four children at home I could not be more comfortable knowing that our needs will always be met while I am working on her team. This combination of intriguing and dynamic work and supportive nature of a ‘family first’ attitude is priceless.”


Nancy SchmittNancy Schmitt – Director of Academic Instructional Support Service (AISS) – College of Nursing

  • “Nancy takes care in developing meaningful relationships with her employees and strives to facilitate team cohesiveness.”
  • “Dr. Schmitt has created an environment where team members support each other and there is always a backup plan in case of unexpected illness or other similar situations.”
  • “As long as the job is getting done, Dr. Schmitt is very understanding and compassionate when life events occur. … She not only supports my efforts to advance my educational and professional goals but my success as a wife and mother.”

MSU is proud to have leaders who manage their work environments with sensitivity to individuals. Thanks for making State a great place to work!

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