National Retirement Security Week

Man standing at laptop computer with paper documents
It’s estimated that retired households spend about 80% of what working households spend. Photo courtesy of TIAA-CREF.

Retirement may be late in the future, but the time to save for it is now. This week, formerly known as National Save for Retirement Week, is an important reminder to assess your savings progress. Are you where you should be?

Retirement vendor TIAA-CREF has prepared a checklist that details all of the important tasks you can complete this week to help secure your retirement.

Planning for retirement involves making a variety of important decisions early on about investment options, portfolio assets, amount of monthly contributions, beneficiaries and much more. Making the right decisions now will determine your security and comfort during retirement.

Both Fidelity and TIAA-CREF offer online resources, retirement savings plans and advising sessions.

Benefits Open Enrollment is a time of planning for 2016, but it can also be an opportunity to look forward to your future and consider your options for retirement. Establish some peace of mind during National Retirement Security Week by completing the checklist and securing your future!

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