Fall Color Walk

Fall leaves on the ground
Autumn leaves line the sidewalk to the Music Practice Building. Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy.

Time flies when you’re busy, and the season of fall is no exception to that rule with the return of students, football Saturdays and increased campus activities. Fall is stunning on campus, and now in the middle of October the colorful trees are at their most beautiful.

Set aside some time in the next few weeks to slow down with a walk through campus, taking in the scenery and breathing crisp autumn air.

Michigan State has many hidden gems that you might not be familiar with. Just north of East Neighborhood, the Sanford Natural area offers a quiet stroll through the woods right next to the Red Cedar River.

In the southeast corner of campus you can admire a variety of specially designed gardens in the Clarence E. Lewis Arboretum.

Aerial view of West Circle Drive
Paths criss-cross throughout West Circle. Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy.

West Circle, the River Trail and Beal Botanical Garden are, deservedly so, well-known beautiful destinations for campus walks as well.

You can also find paths with campus art on the way and keep track of your mileage with this Campus Walking Loops map.

With such a wide variety of walking tours to choose from, you can spend the rest of the fall exploring campus, soothing your mind and exercising your body.

2 thoughts on “Fall Color Walk

  1. FINALLY was able to get to the map showing the various loops for walking. But  haven’t found the info,  dealing  with the distances, around for each loop. IS THERE A CLUE OR KEY FOR THIS??   WOULD like to keep track of my mileage. thanks, sandy jakeway

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Sorry for your issues with the map! I think the link had an issue and I believe I’ve corrected it. As for the distances, if you zoom in a little closer on the map and click on one of the colored routes, it will give you the mileage in a pop-up bubble. The PDF map also displays the mileage. I hope this helps!


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