Thank You MSU Communicators!

It’s thankful Thursday and this week we are thankful for MSU Communicators!

Robert McAfee Brown once said: “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

A book titled Super Spartan Stories by A. CommunicatorThere’s a powerfully talented group of people at MSU who spend their days (and sometimes nights!)¬†telling stories.¬† Specifically, they work day¬†in and day out to tell the world stories¬†about MSU¬†and the terrific impact the people of MSU have on the world around us.

Their titles vary.  They may be Communications Managers, Editors, Webmasters or one of many, many other titles of positions at MSU responsible for helping to tell the MSU story to the world.

Their tools are many.  They target key audiences with super Spartan stories using media releases, websites, newsletters, social media, videos, broadcasts, events, brochures, reports and more.

But whatever their specialties and whether they do their work by shooting video, writing copy or lighting up the Twitter-verse, one thing is certain.  MSU Communicators help the world understand the great work being accomplished on a daily basis by hardworking Spartans.

And for that, we want to say thanks to our MSU Communicators!

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