Celebrate National Blueberry Month

July is National Blueberry Month! As if taste alone isn’t reason enough to indulge in this super-fruit, blueberries are packed with outstanding health benefits. According to MSU’s Health e-Guide, consuming blueberries can help ease a sore throat, stomach discomfort and even urinary tract infections. The berry is also high in fiber and Vitamin C, components that are necessary for a healthy diet. Try any of the following recipes from allrecipes.com to add blueberries to your diet- both simply and deliciously.

Blueberry Walnut Salad blueberries

1 (10 ounce) package mixed salad greens
1 pint fresh blueberries
¼ cup walnuts
½ cup raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing
¼ cup crumbled feta cheese

In a large bowl, toss the salad greens with the blueberries, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette. Top with feta cheese to serve.

Heavenly Blueberry Smoothie
1 frozen banana, thawed for 10 to 15 minutes
½ cup vanilla soy milk
1 cup vanilla fat-free yogurt
1 ½ teaspoons flax seed meal
1 ½ teaspoons honey

Cut banana into small pieces and place into the bowl of a blender. Add the soy milk, yogurt, flax seed meal, and honey. Blend on lowest speed until smooth, about 5 seconds. Gradually add the blueberries while continuing to blend on low. Once the blueberries have been incorporated, increase speed and blend to desired consistency.

Blueberry Salsa
2 cups chopped fresh blueberries
1 cup whole fresh blueberries
1 tablespoon finely chopped jalapeno pepper
½ cup chopped red onion
¼ cup chopped red bell pepper
1 fresh lime, juiced
salt to taste

In a bowl, combine chopped and whole blueberries, jalapeno pepper, onion, red pepper, lime juice and salt.

Looking for a fun way to obtain this month’s star ingredient? There are two blueberry farms right in Ingham County, Balzer Blueberries and Lechleitner Blueberry Farm, open this summer for your picking pleasure!


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