Good on-campus dining options for faculty and staff

Today’s Mailroom Monday question: Are there good on-campus dining options for faculty and staff?

picture of food from dining hallsAnswer: Yes, there is a great faculty/staff dining plan that is just for us!  Under the DineOn 10+ plan, faculty and staff can purchase 10 or more passes to eat in any of MSU’s residential dining halls.  The cost per meal is $5.75 plus tax and the 10 or more meals you purchase can be put right onto your MSU ID card.

And if you haven’t visited an MSU dining hall lately, you haven’t really visited them at all.  Check out the terrific menus available here: (warning – clicking this link may make you hungry!)

If you want easy access to great meals at great prices without even setting foot off-campus, the DineOn 10+ plan is for you!

Also, from time to time special deals are offered.  Liking the Eat at State Facebook page or following Eat at State on Twitter is a terrific way to stay up to date on all the tasty deals and hot news!

Useful Links:

DineOn 10+ Information


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