Cold vs Allergies

Woman in doctor's officeLet’s decipher the differences between the two. Seasonal allergies are common for plenty of us.

According to MSU’s Health e-Guide, allergies are caused by an overactive immune system. Unlike a common cold, allergies aren’t contagious but they can be inherited over time. For instance, when someone has a cold it’s relatively rare for them to have itchy, watering eyes, but with allergies it’s quite the opposite. You’re also likely to have repetitive sneezing, especially during morning hours. The duration for cold and allergy-related symptoms differ depending on your unique case.

Make sure to keep your health intact as the snow keeps coming in! Your seasonal allergies may come regularly, but remember that colds can be avoided. To avoid catching a cold remember to keep it clean! Avoid sick people and keep some hand sanitizer close by. Allergies can be avoided by steering clear of your allergic triggers. Find out what sets you off and keep clear of it! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that when sneezing or coughing, it’s best to sneeze into your upper sleeve, and not your hand. Many of us cough into our hands, and then unintentionally touch things we shouldn’t which cause germs to spread.

According to MSU’s Health e-Guide, there is the possibility that allergies will begin to affect you less over time. Visit the MSU Health e-Guide allergy topic page for more information!

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