Thank You MSU Snow Removal Crews!

The MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities crew sure has had their work cut out for them this winter! As the snow continues to fall, they keep working hard to clear the walkways and roads on MSU’s campus. The winter storm at the beginning of January brought several inches of snow and ice to the streets of East Lansing. IPF landscape crews cleared approximately 5,500 cubic yards of snow away from campus parking lots and intersections.

MSU Snow Plow
Photo courtesy of MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities

IPF and Residential Hospitality Services work together to ensure that walkways, parking lots and ramps, steps, and roads are cleaned up by the time staff and students arrive to campus. After plowing the snow, the crew applies ice melting compound to prevent any injuries due to slipping and falling. If it weren’t for this hard working crew bearing the cold for us, traveling around campus would be much more difficult!

Thank you, IPF landscaping crews!

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