Spotlight on HR Toolkits for Support Staff

Have you used an HR Toolkit yet? Toolkits are web pages where we have gathered all of the relevant information for a process in one convenient place.HR Website Screenshot

This month we are shining the spotlight on Toolkits for Support Staff.  We have information about making benefit changes when you have a life event like birth, adoption or marriage.  If you need a new Staff ID or need to update your Direct Deposit information, we’ve got you covered in the Employment Information Toolkit.  Ready for a new career challenge?  Check out the Applying for Support Staff Positions Toolkit; it guides you through creating a profile on, searching and applying for open positions.  And whether you are a new employee or are ready to think about retirement, we have links to the information you need to make retirement plans too.

Explore the toolkits from our home page under What’s New >> HR Toolkits.  We will announce new toolkits in the What’s New section as they are developed.  Check back often as we have plans to continually expand our offerings.

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