Take a Break with the Rest with Music Series at MSU

A day at work can always be made better with music and a moment to relax, and that’s exactly what the Rest with Music series at MSU provides. The Rest with Music program helps connect faculty and staff to local musicians that provide a free 50-minute live music session every month at Abrams Planetarium.

“What we know about music is that music has the capacity to impact human emotions in ways that’s pretty phenomenal. We know that it reduces experiences of depression and anxiety. We know that it actually improves people’s health and there’s lots of both scientific and anecdotal evidence,” said Jonathon Novello, an employee assistance counselor with the University Physician’s Office at MSU.

Started in 2013, the program is sponsored by the Health4U program, the University Physician’s Office, Abrams Planetarium, the MSU Community Music School and the MSU College of Music. Performers at the sessions consist of local bands, solo performers or faculty at MSU.

The next Rest with Music session takes place on Monday, Nov. 25 from 12:10 p.m. – 12: 50 p.m. at Abrams Planetarium. Find out more information about the Rest with Music Series at http://health4u.msu.edu/rest.

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