Unit Administrators can now update employee Business Address and Phone

The HR/Payroll system contains business address information for all employees except student employees, graduate assistants, undergraduate assistants and professorial assistants. This information is used for MSU’s  People Search and for campus mailings. Until now, Human Resources maintained these records in the system. People Search screenEffective July 11, departmental Unit Administrators now have the ability to view and change this information.

The HR/Payroll system requires at least one business address for all employees.  There are two types of addresses maintained:

  • The Administrative Address is the most direct mailing address and in most cases is  required.
  • Up to four optional Work Locations are available if the employee’s physical work location differs from the mailing address.

Additionally, if an employee has multiple assignments (positions) they also will have multiple business addresses. As the new campus street addresses are added to the system they will populate automatically matching the building name chosen.

Updates will not display on People Search until 24 hours after the change has been made in the HR/Payroll system.

Unit Administrators will find a guide for maintaining this information at: http://ebs.msu.edu/HRPayroll/docs/BusAddressUpdate.pdf.

As always, employees can maintain personal address information through the EBS portal on the Employee Self Service (ESS) tab.

If you have further questions, please contact the Service Desk or Human Resources Records at 517-355-1526.

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