Providing Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities and Working with Pregnant Employees

Employees with disabilities, who would like to request accommodations in their work environment, have a great resource in the Office of Employee Relations (OER). Academic Specialist, Dr. Julie DeGraw (, leads and coordinates the accommodation process. The accommodation process empowers units and employees with disabilities to do their best work by establishing timely and reasonable accommodation plans that follow the Michigan State University Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Employees begin the process by registering with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD). Once RCPD determines that the employee fits the criteria of having a disability, they will be referred to OER/Dr. DeGraw to complete the interactive process. Dr. DeGraw will meet with both the employee and the supervisor/unit to review and gather input about the employee’s essential duties and the requested accommodations.   

The employee, or OER on behalf of the employee, may ask units for temporary accommodations until the accommodations process is complete. These temporary accommodations are only in place while the employee is going through the process and may not be approved beyond a temporary time frame. If the unit has any questions or concerns about providing such a temporary accommodation, it should contact OER/Dr. DeGraw.  

Employees who experience an impairment related to pregnancy or childbirth (for example, gestational diabetes or preeclampsia) that substantially impacts their work may also qualify as having a disability or a temporary disability. Reasonable accommodations may need to be provided. Please refer any employee seeking accommodations related to pregnancy or childbirth to OER/Dr. DeGraw. Additional helpful information regarding pregnancy discrimination and reasonable accommodations can be reviewed at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Please let us know if the Office of Employee Relations ( can help in any way to support you and your employees.  

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