Stop Tobacco and Nicotine Use with Help from Breathe Easy

Have you attempted to stop using tobacco and/or nicotine products in the past with little to no success? Find the support you need right on campus! MSU Health4U created Breathe Easy, a free tobacco, and nicotine cessation program.

As an MSU employee (or adult benefit-eligible dependent) who is currently using tobacco, nicotine, or vaping products begin your next step to quit with Breathe Easy. Breathe Easy offers fall and spring support sessions for employees and/or their benefit-eligible dependents looking to stop using tobacco or nicotine products. The next available session will begin Wed., Feb. 26 and will run a total of six sessions through Wed., May 20. This program offers behavior support, medical evaluation and the choice of medication to quit. (You also have the option to quit without using medication.)

Quote from past Breath Easy Program Participant. "I never thought I could quit. I had smoked for 45 years. I feel so much better and have not touched a cigarette since I finished the program."

You can register for the upcoming session at 517-353-2596 or by emailing Find more information on this program at MSU’s Health4U website or visit Linton Hall, Suite 110.

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