Get Support to Stop Tobacco, Nicotine and Vaping Use

Would you like to stop using tobacco, nicotine or vaping products, but could use some support? There’s help for you right on campus! MSU’s Health4U Team operates a program called Breathe Easy, a free program focused solely on assisting individuals to quit using tobacco, nicotine and vaping products.

Breathe Easy combines several approaches, such as behavioral and nutritional support sessions and medical evaluations. Participants may elect to use conventional anti-smoking treatments or can attempt smoking cessation without medication. In order to be eligible, participants must be an MSU faculty, academic/support staff, graduate student employee, retiree, or their spouse or adult benefits-eligible family member. One participant had this to say about their experience with the program, “I am very pleased with my experience and success with the program. For the first time in maybe eight quit attempts, I am successful and remain smoke-free for over a year. The program’s educational support component combined with the medication proved to be the best formula for my success. The professional staff [is] very supportive, caring, and committed to providing the best care and knowledge to overcome smoking addiction.”

“For the first time in maybe eight quit attempts, I am successful and remain smoke-free for over a year.”

MSU Breathe Easy Program Participant

The next Breathe Easy session will begin Wed., Oct. 23 and run for six weeks. Employees are not required to use their own time accruals to participate in the Breathe Easy Program, as long as you are compliant with program participation requirements and your supervisor has approved release time for the program.

You can register for the upcoming session at 517-353-2596 or by emailing Find more information on this program at MSU’s Health4U website or visit Linton Hall, Room 113.

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