Grab your skates and head to the ice at MSU Munn Ice Arena!

Have you checked out the MSU Munn Ice Arena? If you’re looking for an activity to do with the whole family for spring break, try visiting Munn. The MSU Munn Ice Arena was built in 1974 and has been home to the MSU hockey team for over 40 seasons. Munn hosts daily practices and home games for the MSU hockey team.

During the week at Munn, you can find a wide range of opportunities for skaters like freestyle skating for more advanced skaters who want to work on skills, jumps and routines, open skate for the public for all skating types, and even an “old timer’s group” where a group of guys just come in and play a few games of hockey. In the summer, you can find the ice arena filled with future hockey players at the MSU Youth Hockey Camp.

But Munn isn’t only used for camps and games, you can take part in open skate Monday through Thursday. Munn offers discounted admission prices and group discounts for faculty, staff and students. If you’re looking for some bonding time with your fellow co-workers, departments can rent out the ice privately. Departments can use an interdepartmental account transfer to pay for their event.

Munn Ice Arean


So whether you want to get back into hockey through the IM league for students and faculty or want to sign up for an open hockey session to get a few games in during the week. Check out Munn Ice Arena website or Facebook page for more information.

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