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MSU is committed to offering valuable benefits to support you and your family. In conjunction with our faculty and staff healthcare committees, we review our benefits program regularly to ensure it offers a positive experience to our benefits-eligible employees, their spouses or other eligible individuals, and dependents. Part of the benefits program includes offering a wide range of optional benefits and resources for you to use. While MSU offers these tools and resources to support you and your family, living well is also about the choices you make. Whether it’s the doctors you choose or where to go for care, your decisions can impact your health and how much you pay.

But keeping track of the different benefits and resources available to you can be overwhelming. The following recap will help jog your memory on the new benefits we introduced over the last year, and review some of the “golden oldies”. You can also check out an infographic of this info by clicking on the image below.

Benefit Highlights Infographic

New programs we rolled out in the last year include:

  • Livongo – a diabetes management program providing free supplies, education and tips for making healthy lifestyle choices, and support with optional coaching. Read about an MSU employee’s perspective on the diabetes management program.
  • Teladoc – telemedicine services you can use to speak to a doctor at any time via web, phone or mobile app. They can even write you a prescription when necessary.

Let’s not forget those benefits and resources that have been hanging around for a while, but you may have forgotten about – sort of like those summer clothes stuffed in the back of your closet during this long Michigan winter.

  • Best Doctors – get medical advice from experts on your specific medical condition to feel empowered to make the best choice possible for your care. This is a great resource for getting a second opinion on a diagnosis and/or treatment plan.
  • Voluntary Benefits – these are optional benefits offered through MSU Benefits Plus. It has insurance offerings such as vision, long-term care, legal, pet, home/auto, and critical illness. And more than that, it offers a wide range of discounts you can tap into for everything from hotel stays to car rentals to even those tickets to Disney you’ve been thinking about.
  • On-Campus Services – save time by getting your MRI, x-ray, or CT scan done right on-campus at MSU Radiology or have the MSU Clinical Center or Olin Pharmacy deliver your prescriptions directly to your office. Convenience is key, and you have the right to request your doctor to refer you to or send your prescriptions to these close and convenient services.

While you might not need or think of these benefits and resources all the time, keep them tucked away for a day when you will, and make it easier and more cost-effective for you to manage your health.

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