Ask Alexa Health and Wellness Questions through MIBlue Skill

“Alexa, ask MIBlue for a healthy tip.” Are you interested in learning new healthy recipes? Trying to find new ways to get you and your family active? Just ask Amazon Alexa! Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan now offers MIBlue Skill for Amazon Alexa. The MIBlue Skill is made to be an easy and efficient way to get answers to any health and wellness questions. You can add MIBlue Skill to any Amazon Alexa devices for free.

You can use this MIBlue Skill to understand and answer questions about common health insurance terms, learn a quick workout activity for you and your family, and do a quick guided meditation. It will also guide you towards a healthy lifestyle with healthy and dietitian-approved recipes, advice on how to quit smoking, and health-related news from Blue Cross.


Here are some commands you can use:

“Alexa, ask MIBlue for a healthy tip.”

“Alexa, ask MIBlue what is an HMO?”

“Alexa, ask MIBlue for a healthy recipe.”

“Alexa, ask MIBlue for health-related news.”

The MIBlue Skill for Amazon Alexa, you have access to any general health, wellness and lifestyle questions directly from your voice-enabled Amazon devices. Learn more about the MIBlue Skill for Alexa and how to enable it on your device here.

As a note, with the MIBlue Skill, you can’t ask any personal health-related questions. To access your member coverage information, you can always go to the Blue Cross Blue Shield website or download the Blue Cross mobile app. For more information about MSU health plans, visit the MSU HR website.

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