Learn to Become a More Effective Leader

Are you a leader of your unit or department? As a leader, you are faced with three fundamental responsibilities: to craft a vision, build alignment, and champion execution of that vision. The course Everything DiSC: Work of Leaders focuses on understanding how your tendencies influence your effectiveness in specific leadership situations around the vision of your unit or department.

For this course, you will take an online assessment that will provide you with a personalized report. This report focuses on developing preferred behaviors to improve leadership skills around building and sustaining a vision. Using the report you will:

  • Receive tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward a desired outcome.
  • Understand how your tendencies influence your effectiveness by enabling others to capitalize on their talents to make the vision a reality.
  • Understand yourself better – the first step to becoming more effective when leading others to execute a vision.

Good leadership skills can be difficult to learn because they are behavioral in nature. The course instructor will help you understand your report and walk you through your leadership strengths and challenges. Please note, the Everything DiSC: Work of Leaders approach is for the one-to-many relationship of the leader, as opposed to the one-to-one relationship of the manager.

Ready to Sign Up?

Everything DiSC: Work of Leaders is Tuesday, April 24 from 8:30 a.m. to Noon. Sign up for the course by logging into the EBS Portal and selecting the Courses for Employees at MSU tile under My Career and Training.

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